"Sha.p.e.s."- Sharing prior excellence and support for the MED creative asset'

(MED programme - Targeted Capitalization Call)


Sha.p.e.s. is a transnational project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund in the framework of the MED Programme. The project focuses on the excellences of the Creative Economy in the Mediterranean and brings together 12 partners from 9 Mediterranean regions sharing the results of their past projects in order to stimulate synergies between policies, new methodologies and tools, and thereby promote creativity, knowledge and innovation in the social, economical and cultural areas.

Sha.p.e.s. will share information, knowledge, tools and services engaging public institutions and private organizations to support the production of social, economic and cultural innovation in the Mediterranean regions.

The project will:

  • Develop a Resource Centre, that is, a common online toolbox of proven tools for supporting and promoting the Mediterranean creative excellence;
  • Share and transfer consolidated methodologies and services acting as innovation drivers;
  • Deliver services for creative business and support networking processes.

KiNNO Consultants Ltd. as the external expert of the Development Agency of South Aegean - READ S.A.  is responsible for the following:

  • Operation of 1 Local open Forum for the identification of the needs of stakeholders and SMEs of the creative sector in South Aegean Region
  • Contribution to the integration of tools, methodologies and guidelines for supporting innovation in the creative industries
  • Organizing knowledge seminar of capitalization of the project and knowledge transfer between the partners
  • Organizing a mentoring for 10 local SMEs promoting innovation in the creative sector
  • Creation, management and update of a virtual community for innovation in the creative industries
  • Development of policy recommendations for the governance of innovation

Partnership: Regional Association of Lazio Municipalities - ANCI Lazio (Italy), Province of Lucca (Italy), Municipality of Prato (Italy), Andalusian Institute of Technology – IAT (Spain), National Research Council (IRPPS) (Italy), Business Innovation Centre Lazio- BIC Lazio (Italy), University of Algarve (Portugal), Eurokom Association (Italy), Federation of Aragonese Municipalities, Regions and Provinces (FAMCP) (Spain), Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia – UIRS (Slovenia), Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH) (Greece), Development Agency of South Aegean - READ S.A. (Greece), Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Marseille Provence (CCIMP) (France)

Website:  http://www.shapes-project.eu/


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