"USMART" - Personalised Smart Travel Services on Urban Environments

(GSRT - funded by the Bilateral Greece - Israel Call for Proposals for Joint R&D Projects)

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USMART project envisages developing a suit of novel smart mobility services (iServices) based on mobile technology, that will support city residents and visitors/tourists to reach their final destination in the most efficient and suitable way using public and/or private transportation means.

All iServices will be developed & demonstrated for mega/sport/cultural events and will exploit content from:

(a) public transport organizations (providing traffic information, PTM timetables, routes and fares, station, stop and toll locations, national geographic departments and public information available on the internet, etc);

(b) transportation system users (providing real time travel information through their mobile devices); and

(c) road transport authorities/operators (traffic monitoring devices, cameras, traffic reports, etc.),

(d) MobilityInsight network of RF sensors.



In addition, a smart-phone application for innovative data collection (SMART app) will be developed, serving as a personal life logger and collecting real time information through sensors (such as Wi-Fi, GSM, GPS). The information acquired will then be validated and customized by the users through a web interface.

Two pilot case studies will take place within the project lifetime. The first one will concern the validation of the SMART app and the estimation of the advanced behavioral econometric models; while the second one will concern the deployment of the iServices during actual mega city events in Athens, Greece and Haifa, Israel.

KiNNO Consultants Ltd. as the coordinator of the project is responsible for the:

§  Management of the Project,

§  Research Coordination & Diffusion Strategy and implementation

§  Support through the development, implementation and validation of the smart mobility services

§  Current business environment and competition examination and

§  Elaboration of the business model for the market uptake of the final product to be produced

Partnership: KiNNO Consultants LTD-Greece, University of Aegean, TRANSDEM Laboratory – Greece, MobilityInsight Ltd – Israel, Israel Institute of Technology - Israel

Website: www.usmart.eu

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