"SMARTEGE" - Smart Educational Processes based on Gaming Environment Methodology

(GSRT - funded by the Act "2013 Development of Industrial Research and Technology PAVET”)

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SMARTEGE intends to apply gamification methodology in educational processes through mobile devices via an educational game focused on site (pilot case) power management. The project will align gamification with educational principles and, in the same time, with mobile features of mobile devices in order to achieve maximum educational value of the application to be designed.

This methodology, appropriately modified will be experimentally applied to inform and educate the public on energy management and savings. The project uses innovative ways of education, such as virtual libraries emulator and energy items. In this way the user interacts, manages data received from real or virtual objects and similar sources in real time and is requested to take critical decisions, also in real time.

Within the project framework, field research will be conducted before and after the application of the methodology to selected target groups, with different profiles, in order to demonstrate the validity of the educational methodology developed through a comparative study, as well as the change in consumer profile-learner through interaction with the educational application.

The proposed methodology and the modeling implemented will lead to a best practice guide, generally applicable, regardless of learning objects. The educational game-form software will be available by the end of the project to the entire range of mobile devices (smartphones, tablet to Android and iOS)

KiNNO Consultants Ltd. as partner of the project is responsible for the:

§  Design and development of the methodology, based on international standard, scientific literature and best practices

§  Adaptation of the methodology in energy-oriented context.

Partnership: SAICON Ltd- Greece, KiNNO Consultants LTD-Greece, EPIS Ltd

Website: http://www.smartege.eu/

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