"iPORTS" - Intelligent Port Systems

The development of the Southern Mediterranean (SM) region relies heavily on the secure and efficient interregional and transnational passenger and freight transport. iPORTS aims at the overall enhancement of the competitiveness and development of the Southern Mediterranean regional ports by utilizing Intelligent Telematics Systems as a means to address the challenges faced by these ports to better serve their role as “Intelligent Secure and Efficient Gateways” for regional development and for promoting interregional, cross-border, and transnational cooperation. ICT’s and Intelligent Telematics systems provide many of the answers to addressing the above issues. iPORTS approach and methodology aim at the overall enhancement of the competitiveness and development of the SM regional ports.

iPORTS main objective is the use of ICTs and  telematics for ports to regain their competitive edge and become intelligent and secure development gateways by: 

-         Developing a strategic plan for iPORTS deployment based on stakeholders requirements and priorities;

-         Implementing iPORTAll, a proof of concept pilot application;

-         Defining the exploitation and commercial value ofiPORTS products.

The project has been financed by ARCHIMED, Interreg IIIB European funded programme.

KiNNO Consultants LTD. has actively been involved in the project's implementation and has successfully delivered the following studies:

  • Site Implementation Analysis:

The scope of this Study is to come up with a proposediPORTS system to be implemented at the Port of Rhodes, after the evaluation and consideration of every possible alternative and taking into account several relevant aspects. The report is the output of a proposediPORTS system for the port of Rhodes, the requirements of various users’ groups and the technologies available along its costing strategy, as they have already been identified at the prior iPORTSstages. Moreover, it also provides the basic guidelines for the implementation of this system in the Port of Rhodes and all the procedures corresponding to it.

  • Product Plan Development:

The methodology used and applied to prepare this product development plan, has followed the lines that drove the consortium partners of iPORTS to explore together the market needs and validity of the relevant transportation technologies and related services.

KiNNO Consultants LTD. has also been assigned to implement the Exploitation Plans for the sustainable use of the Intelligent Port Systems proposed during the development of the project, in order to further exploit the results already accomplished.


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