"SMATH” - Smart atmospheres of social and financial innovation for innovative clustering of creative industries in MED area (Interreg MED Programme)


Greece’s Cultural and Creative sector in 2014:

  • employed 110,688 employees (EU-28/6.1 mn)
  • 46,370 enterprises, (EU-28/1.7 mn)
  • sold symbolic goods and services of about € 5.3 bn, with
  • about € 2.1 bn added value for the Greek economy, and
  • 1,4% contribution to the GDP (EU-28 CCIs contributed in 2014, 2.8% (€ 353 bn) to the European GDP)

SMATH will generate innovative clusters ideally “Smart Atmospheres” where cultural engines (the cultural core of heritage, values, traditions and cultural processes) and the value enhancing services (incubators, financial services, territorial services and public policies) interact together for the enhancement of business oriented and product oriented creative industries.

SMATH will elaborate a common model, a transferable methodology and toolsets generating and strengthening “Smart Atmospheres” based on capitalized materials and benchmarking with success stories, for the design and implementation of regional/local "Creative Nests", new flexible outputs of social innovation equipped with the capability of assisting CIs in sourcing and engineering innovative ideas from the cultural engines.

In Greece, Technopolis City of Athens will create the Greek Creative Nest, which will provide a variety of services like working labs, study visits, coaching, mentoring and matching activities to SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs, with the support of KiNNO Consultants Ltd.

KiNNO Consultants LTD. is responsible for:

  • Designing Methodology for the implementation of the pilot activities in the context of the project in Mediterranean area and mapping the resource providers
  • Organizing working labs and study visits to strengthen the development of new ideas in the CCIs
  • Providing Mentoring and Coaching services to SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs for auditing and validating Innovative project ideas and supporting them to develop their Business Plan 
  • Designing SMATH Med Creative Clusters Design and Operation Methodology
  • Promotion the Cooperation of SMATH actors by developing new services
  • Designing Methodology for the transferring plan of the results of the project to different stakeholders in order to assure the capitalization of the project
  • Conducting RIS3 Regional Policy Recommendations Roadmap in the sector of CCIs
  • Conducting Sustainability plan for the Greek Creative Nest

Partnership: Veneto Region (Italy), The Culture and Heritage Industries Cluster - POLE ICP (France), Technopolis City of Athens (Greece), Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region (Italy), Institute of Culture of the Municipality of Barcelona (Spain), Zagreb Innovation Centre (Croatia), Agency for Territorial Marketing ltd. (Slovenia),  Barcelona Activa (Spain), Ca’ foscari University of Venice (Italy), TVT innovation (France)

Website: https://smath.interreg-med.eu/

Funding Opportunities

Available funding opportunities:

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