(SEE Programme - Targeted Call for ‘Innovation for renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions in Mediterranean regions and cities ')

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 Buildings consume almost half of the total energy EU uses to cover its needs (approximately 40% of the total energy consumption and CO2 emissions). According to the EU 2020 energy strategy, buildings need to get 20% more energy efficient by 2020. National, regional and local public authorities are required to put in a lot of effort in order to implement the recast EPBD and at the same time develop policies and mechanisms to make buildings more efficient.

TRACE project supports public authorities in South East Europe area, at all administrative levels (national, regional, local) to implement the EU 2020 energy strategy, by facilitating the exchange of knowledge, ideas and policies for reducing the buildings energy demands. That way, buildings will become more energy efficient, contributing to the welfare of EU citizens.

The project aims to facilitate the transfer of know – how, the exchange of experiences and good practices between administrations and other interested stakeholders and establish a transnational partnership that will ensure the effective implementation of joint actions.

TRACE project main objectives are:

  • Collect and analyse good practices concerning energy efficiency in buildings
  • Share and develop Knowledge resources
  • Exchangeofgoodpractices
  • Capacity building of territorialadministrationsexecutives
  • Develop policy recommendations
  • Set up structures, that identify and initiate energy efficiency investments
  • Raise awareness among the citizens and key stakeholders 

KiNNO, as expert of the Municipality of Piraeus is mainly responsible for the following:

       Technical Assistance and Management

        Monitoring the physical and financial aspects of the project until completion

    Support the Municipality of Piraeus, lead partner of the project, to coordinate and monitor the work of all project partners as well as the overall progress of the project

      Support in the preparation of Project Progress Reports and Financial Management of the project

Partnership: Municipality of Piraeus (Greece), Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria), Gabrovo Regional Administration (Bulgaria), Sofia Energy Agency – SOFENA (Bulgaria), KDZ - Centre for Public Administration Research (Austria), Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (Greece), Province of Mantova (Italy), Province of Perugia (Italy), Centre for Promotion of Clean and Efficient Energy in Romania – ENERO (Romania), Energy Agency of Savinjska, Šaleška and Koroška Region (Slovenia), Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency (Bosnia and Herzegovina), City of Zagreb (Croatia), Albania-EU Energy Efficiency Centre (EEC) (Albania).

Website:  http://see-trace.eu/en

Funding Opportunities

Available funding opportunities:

EIC Accelerator
EIC Pathfinder

EIC Transition

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