The maritime sector has been of crucial importance in terms of social and economic development and offers employment and career opportunities at EU level and worldwide. More than 50,000 merchant ships, registered in over 100 nations, manned by crew of nearly every nationality, transport every kind of cargo internationally, have achieved to carry out 90% of the world trade. In parallel new industrial growth sectors such as the offshore oil exploration and production industry, and the cruise sector have increased the maritime operations significantly. Several thousand oil rigs and support and supply offshore vessels are engaged in the exploration and drilling for oil and gas in every corner of the globe. Additionally, a plethora of recreational ships offer the most diversified leisure and tourism services to an expanding market. The sector has been traditionally an essential communication link connecting coastal cities, countries and continents. The rise of emerging countries, new consumer classes and resource demand are expected to expand and diversify the maritime world in the next few years.

We argue that accelerated technological advances in both the maritime and relevant sectors are going to offer more effective solutions and increase the operational expansion of the sector. The maritime sector is a growing and significant economic sector with great potential of new technologies deployed in addressing needs such as safety, anti-piracy, monitoring, reduction of gas emissions, marine electronic systems advancements, anti-fouling, garbage management, aquaculture, salvage, marine geophysics, ship recycling, oil pollution reduction and many more.

KiNNO is based in Greece, a country with a long term maritime history and a maritime sector which contributes significantly to the economic development worldwide and remains a leader in merchant shipping despite the last years' challenges. To this end, the company actively seeks to get involved and contribute to the maritime sector by identifying relevant trends and technologies, as well as create synergies between all maritime stakeholders though collaborative actions and technology transfer exploitation.        

KiNNO has produced a report in which we identify a set of applications originated in space research that address needs of the maritime sector and are expected to bring closer space research to maritime needs. You can find the report here.



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