Detailed Global Models (DGMs) for diagnostics and optimization of industrial plasma reactors


The technology offered includes DGMs that take into consideration all of the important components appearing in the environment of a device during functioning and using them as a support of the optical emission spectroscopy (OES) diagnostics.

The DGMs technology is an extension of the Collisional – Radiative models used in the study of gases and plasmas that apart from statistical equations include an energy equation describing the mechanisms of the absorbed energy spending. By evaluating this data set we are able to get a detailed description of the atomic, molecular and ionic constituents present in the gas / plasma and on surfaces using plasma component and functioning diagrams of the prototype / industrial device modeling.

This technology leads to a quantitative preview and evaluation of the expected components, to an efficient measurement of their effective contribution and also the evaluation of the electron density and temperature.

Click here to download the technology description.

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